Welcome to Himalayan Grill


1. Samosa (V) —————————————————————–$4.95

(2) Deep-fried potato, pea & spiced vegetable filled pastries

2. Assorted Vegetable Fritters (V) ———————$4.95

Deep fried mixed vegetables with our homemade spices

3. Mixed Appetizer—————————————————–$8.95

Combination of Vegetable Fritters, Vegetable samosas(1) , chicken tikka & Lamb Tika

4. Chicken Pakoras—————————————————–$7.95

Bite-size tender chicken batter with homemade spiced gram flour then deep fried .

5. Shrimp Pokoras——————————————————-$8.95

Shrimp batter with homemade spiced gram flour then deep fried

6. Onion Bhaji (V) ——————————————————-$4.95

Freshly diced onion mixed with spiced gram flour and deep fried

7. Paneer Pokoras —————————————————–$6.95

Delicious homemade cheese dipped in our homemade herbs & spices and deep fried with gram flour.

8. Fish Pokoras————————————————————–$7.95

Fish Fillet dipped in our homemade herbs & spices

and deep fried with gram flour.


9. Dal Soup (V) ————————————————————–$3.95

Lentil Soup prepared with Himalayan herbs & spices)

10. Tomato Soup (V) ————————————————–$3.95               

Tomato Soup prepared with our mild spices

11. Mulligatawmmy Soup————————————–$4.95                      

Delicately spiced lentil soup garnished with chunk of Chicken and peas

12. Green Salad (V) —————————————————-$5.95

Mixed seasonal greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, Carrots served with our house dressings

13. Chicken Salad——————————————————–$7.95                            

Seasonal greens with chicken Tikka (Roasted chicken) Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots served with house dressing


14. Chicken Biryani————————————————–$13.95

Basmati rice with gingered chicken sautéed with onions, Cumin and cardamom, cooked in a special blend of herbs and spices with Raita

15. Lamb Biryani——————————————————–$14.95

Basmati rice cooked with tender pieces of Lamb & garnished with nuts.

16. Vegetable Biryani ———————————————$11.95

Vegetable medley, topped with cashews and cilantro, served over basmati rice

17. Shrimp Biryani—————————————————-$17.95

Basmati rice cooked with prawns & garnished with nuts.

18.  Basmati Rice———————————————————-$2.75


(Freshly Baked In our Clay Tandoori Oven)

19. Bread Basket———————————————————–$7.25

( Naan , Garlic Naan & choice of Any Listed Stuffed Bread )


Soft & puffy, leaf-shaped, leavened bread, tandoori baked

21.Garlic Naan ————————————————————-$3.25

Stuffed with chopped garlic and cilantro baked in our tandoori

22.Aloo Paratha————————————————————$3.95

Wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes and baked in our tandoor

23.Tandoori Roti(V)&( GF)————————————–$2.25

Whole wheat bread baked in our tandoori oven


Layered wheat bread & butter baked in our tandoori


Naan stuffed with savory minced lamb

26.Himalayan Nan (Sweet Bread)———————-$3.95

Stuffed with raisins and cashew nuts

27.Onion Kulcha———————————————————$3.95

Onion-stuffed bread

28. Cheese Naan———————————————————–$3.95

Cheeses stuffed bread.

29.Aalu  Kulcha————————————————————$3.95

Potato stuffed bread.

30.Chilli Naan—————————————————————$3.95

Chilly stuffed bread.

31.Keema Chilli Naan———————————————–$4.25

Naan stuffed with minced lamb and sliced chili.


32. Chicken Tikka  Masala(All white meat) ———-$14.95

Boneless Chicken marinated in spices and yogurt,tandoori in clay oven, then blended in our delicious creamy sauce.

33. Chicken Makhani (Thigh Meat) ————————-$14.95

Chicken tandoored in clay oven. served in a butter, yogurt & tomato sauce

34. Chicken Saag——————————————————–$13.95

Boneless chicken cooked with garden fresh creamed spinach

35. Chicken Curry——————————————————$12.95

Boneless chicken cooked with onion, tomato based Sauce and herbs & spice

36. Karai Chicken——————————————————-$12.95

Boneless chicken cooked in the juice of garlic, ginger, bell pepper and tomatoes.

37. Chicken Vindaloo———————————————-$12.95

Boneless chicken and potatoes in our special hot curry sauce

38. Chicken Madras————————————————–$13.95

Chicken in our special coconut based hot curry sauce

39. Chicken Korma—————————————————-$14.95

Boneless chicken cooked in our cashew-curry creamy sauce

Flavored with Kashmiri herbs

40. Mango Chicken—————————————————$15.95

Marinated White meat with special herb and spices, then roasted In tandoor oven and cooked with creamy sauce with fresh Mango

41. Garlic Ginger Chicken——————————–$12.95

Boneless Chicken & Mixed Veg.cooked in tomato & onion based sauce then flavoured with ginger and garlic


42. Lamb Korma———————————————————-$15.95

Diced lamb cooked in mildly spiced creamy sauce topped with nuts & spices

43. Lamb Masala———————————————————$15.95

Tenderized lamb cooked with a blend of spices with a creamy tomato sauce

44.Saag Lamb—————————————————————-$15.95

Gingered lamb cooked with garden fresh green spinach

45.Lamb Curry————————————————————-$14.95

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in special curry sauce

46.Karai Lamb————————————————————–$14.95

Peppered lamb stir fried with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes in rich masala

47.Lamb Vindaloo—————————————————–$14.95

Lamb and potatoes cooked in a hot, spicy curry sauce

48.Kofta Curry (Meat Ball) ———————————–$14.95

Minced lamb dumplings in a creamy curry sauce

49.Rogan Josh—————————————————————$14.95

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in special rich curry sauce Main Entrée served with a plate of Basmati Rice


(Popular Tibetan & Nepali dishes)

50.Chicken  Chau Chau —————————————–$14.55

Tibetan style noodles pan fried with chicken, vegetables & herbs & spices

51.Lamb Chau Chau————————————————-$15.55

Tibetan style noodles pan fried with Lamb , Mixed vegetables & herbs

52.Shrimp Chau Chau———————————————$17.55

Tibetan style noodles pan fried with vegetables and shrimp and herbs & spices

53.Vegetable Chau Chau(V) ——————————–$13.55

Tibetan style noodles pan-fried with vegetables

54.Chicken Thupka————————————————–$13.55

The perfect dish for cold winter weather. Hearty soup made with Tibetan style noodles cooked with chicken, mixed vegetables and our house herb & spices

55.Lamb Thupka——————————————————–$15.55

The perfect dish for cold winter weather. Hearty soup made with Tibetan style noodles cooked with lamb cubes, mixed vegetables and our house herb & spices

56.Vegetable Thupka (V)—————————————$13.55

The perfect dish for cold winter weather Hearty soup made with Tibetan style noodles cooked with mixed vegetables and our own house herbs & spices

57. Meat Momo————————————————————$14.55

Steamed dumplings filled with ground chicken and mixed vegetables served with homemade tomato achhar (spicy salsa)

58. Chicken Chilly(New) ————————————-$14.55

Boneless chicken battered with Herb and spices mixed Gram  flour, deep fried then sautéed with chili, onion & Bell pepper:

59.Himalayan Spiced Chicken (New)———–13.95

Boneless chicken cooked in tomato onion based sauce then flavored with touch of mint



60. Non-Vegetarian Thali —————-$26.95

Served in our Thali : Samosa, Tandoori chicken(Grill) , Lamb curry, Chicken tikka masala , Lamb-Chicken Tikka (Grill) ,Mix Veg Korma ,Chicken Curry, Raita, Naan Bread, Basmati Rice and Dessert.

Please specify your spice level as ( Mild , Mild 2 Med ,Med , Med + or Hot)

61. Vegetarian Combination for two ————————–$22.95

Samosa, bengan baratha, vegetable korma, daal, vegetables  curry , saag paneer, raita, rice, roti and desert.

Please specify your spice level as ( Mild, Mild 2 Med ,Med , Med + or Hot ) 


Tandoor – the igloo-shape clay oven, known as “tandoor”, is    popularly associated with Indian cooking.

62. Tandoori Chicken———————————————-$12.95

Chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger garlic and spices and roasted in the clay oven

63.Chicken Tikka(all white meat)————————— $13.95

Tender fillets of chicken marinated in a blend of spices And roasted in a tandoor oven

64. Lamb Tikka————————————————————$15.95

Tender pieces of Lamb marinated in a blend of spices and roasted in a tandoor oven

65. Seekh Kabab———————————————————$15.95

Minced lamb with onions, herbs and spices molded on the skewers and roasted in our clay oven

66. Tandoori Prawns————————————————$20.95

Prawns marinated in spiced yogurt and broiled in the tandoor clay oven

67. Tandoori Mix Grill ——————————————-$20.95

A combination of our tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, shish kabob and Fish Tikka

68. Lamb chops (4 pieces) ————————————–$22.95

Lamb chops marinated in rich spices and herbs then roasted until perfectly tender served sizzling hot with our fresh naan bread.

69. Fish Bahar—————————————————————$20.95

Marinated Salmon with rich spices and herbs then roasted until perfectly tender served sizzling hot with naan bread.

70. Paneer Tikka (Veg) ——————————————–$14.95

Homemade cheese marinated in a blend of spices and roosted in a Tandoor oven


71.Shrimp Saag———————————————————–$18.95

Prawns sautéed and cooked with spinach with herbs and spices

72.Shrimp Makhani————————————————- $18.95

Prawns simmered in butter, tomatoes and cream sauce

73.Fish Masala————————————————————-$17.95

Fresh fish cooked in a blend of spices w/ ginger tomato creamy sauce

74.Shrimp Vindaloo————————————————-$17.95

Prawns and potatoes cooked in a hot, spicy curry sauce

75.Fish Vindaloo ——————————————————-$16.95

Fish and potatoes cooked in a hot, spicy curry sauce

76.Fish Curry——————————————————– ——–$16.95

Fish fillet cooked in a curry sauce


                     Vegan (v) please asks your server for Detail.

77. Mix Veg. Korma—————————————————$11.95

Mix vegetables cooked in our mild cashew-curry

creamy sauce. Flavored with Kashmiri herbs

78. Matter Paneer———————————————————$11.95

Vegetables, green peas and homemade cottage

Cheese simmered in mild creamy curry sauce

79. Sag Paneer—————————————————————$11.95

Homemade cheese cooked

in Creamed Spinach in our creamy sauce

80.  Malai Kofta—————————————————-$11.95

Cheese & vegetable dumplings

in a rich creamy sauce, garnished with nuts

81. Karai Paneer—————————————————————-$11.95

House made cheese cooked in garlic, ginger, bell pepper& tomatoes

82. Cauliflower Saffron——————————————$15.95

Fresh Cauliflower blended with saffron the   cooked

in rich creamy sauce with herb and spices

83. Tofu Karai(V)———————————————————$10.95

Tibetan style tofu cooked with fresh   peas

in special Tibetan herb & spices

84. Dal Makhani ———————————————————$10.95

Lentils cooked with butter and tomatoes

85. Channa Masala(V)———————————————–$10.95

Garbanzo beans cooked in special herbs and spices

86. Aloo Gobi (V) ——————————————————–$10.95

Cauliflower with potato cooked with herbs and spices

87. Bengan Barta(V)—————————————————-$10.95

Roasted and pureed eggplant in a special blend of spices

88. Paneer Makhani Masala ——————————–$11.95

Farmer’s cheese simmered in creamy tomato curry sauce

89. Aloo Matter(V) —————————————————–$10.95

Nepali style potatos & peas cooked in herbs & spices

90.  Mushroom Masala——————————————–$10.95

Fresh mushrooms & peas cooked in a cream sauce

91. Yellow Dal (V) ——————————————————$10.95

Lentils cooked in garlic and creamed butter

92. Aloo Dum (V) ——————————————————–$10.95

Very Delicious fried potato curry with herbs & spices

93. Bhindi Masala (V) ———————————————–$11.95

Fresh Okra sautéed with herbs and spices then cooked tomato sauce.

94.Mix Veg Curry (V) ———————————————–$11.95

Onion & tomato based sauce flavored with ginger, garlic, chillies and hints of cumin, cinnamon, cardamom and spices.


95. Mango Pudding——————————————————$3.95

96. Rasmalai ——————————————————————–$3.95

A traditional North Indian dessert of homemade cheese in rich cream


Ice cream Indian style with saffron, cardamoms and nuts

98.Kheer  —————————————————————————$3.95

Nepali style rice pudding with cardamom and nuts

99.Gajar Halwa (Carrot Pudding)——-—————–$3.95

Nepali style carrot  pudding with cardamom and nuts

100.Gulab Jamun————————————————————-$3.95

Deep-fried dumplings of creamed milk, dipped in saffron flavored syrup


101.All Soft Drinks ——————————————————$2.25

(Coke, Diet coke, Soda, Ice tea, sprite, Lemonade & Ice tea -unsweetened)

102.Mango Lassi ————————————————————$3.75

Delicious sweet Yogurt Shake

103.Chai Tea———————————————————————$2.75

Chai is black tea brewed with spices and milk


105. Bottle Water————————————————————$2.75


106. Onion, chili and lemon (per plate) ———–$2.75

107. Raita—————————————————————————-$2.75

Yogurt containing  chopped cucumber ,Carrot s, and spices.

108. Papadam (5 Pieces)———————————————$2.75

A Papadum is a thin, crisp Bread made with chickpeas flour

109. Mango Chatney (pickle) ——————————–$2.75

Pickle made from Mango, vinegar, spices, sugar, etc.

110 . Masala Sauce ——————————————————-$5.99